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What's YOUR Life Purpose?

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Spirituality is on the rise
According to the Lifestyle Dictionary, "Spiritual advisors are becoming more popular among celebrities, top CEOs, inspiration-seeking artists, and individuals who seek continuous spiritual motivation." 

Finding your life purpose is at the forefront of the exploding rise in personal development!

December 10, 2019 edition of the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, found the presence of meaning in life is associated with better physical and mental well-being, while the search for meaning in life may be associated with worse mental well-being and cognitive functioning. "When you find more meaning in life, you become more contented, whereas if you don't have purpose in life and are searching for it unsuccessfully, you will feel much more stressed out ..."

Want your life to have more meaning? 
How and where do you fit in the universe? What are you supposed do with your life?

Find your destiny. Find out why you are here, why you are alive. Yes, life has a purpose. A higher purpose. Whether you are religious or non religious. Everyone has a life purpose. YOU have a life purpose. It already exists, you just haven't uncovered it yet! Or clearly defined it. Now you can. In less than an hour.

How? By using my life changing book, "Find Your Life Purpose in less than an hour". The book contains the unique proven customized interactive Q & A process that reveals YOUR life purpose, in less than an hour. Yes, it works. Yes, it can work for you!

The book also includes lots of career choices, to help you implement your life purpose.

Find your true life purpose. Know your true life purpose. It can be a wonderful fulfilling adventure. And, it's never too late to know your life purpose. Find YOUR life purpose n-o-w, in less than an hour. How? Use my interactive book.

Why is this book different?
My book, "Find Your Life Purpose in less than an hour", is an easy, guided process, totally customized to YOU. No long essays, the interactive Q&A process is not based on religion (though if you are religious, it will be factored in), it is not based on things like astrology, numerology, hypnosis, drugs, exercises or anything that requires you to radically change into something you're not, or believe something you don't feel or know to be so. And the whole process takes less than an hour. Unlike other life purpose books, this book is NOT confusing or complicated. It's the real deal. It's customized to YOU. When the book reveals your unique life purpose, you will know, and confirm to yourself, that it is, indeed, your true life purpose. This book finds your t-r-u-e life purpose. YOUR true life purpose. Yes, it really can! And this incredible interactive book only took me 10 years to write it :) 

You are unique. You have a unique life purpose. Find out what it is. 

Be aware
I notice that there are a lot of life purpose programs out there. Most of them put the burden of finding your life purpose on you. Forcing you to self-examine on a deep level, to dig deeply within yourself. Some programs can also take days or weeks or months. Some even claim you can find your life purpose in minutes. Yes, that may be possible. But is doubtful in reality. Why? It requires that you already clearly know yourself 100%, consciously and unconsciously and you'll have to spend time contemplating and maybe find and bring things up from deep within.

Other programs often make you do all the work yourself. On your own. This can be very difficult, very frustrating and can often lead to failing to find your unique purpose in life

My unique interactive process is much much easier to do and guides you step-by-step, to successfully find your unique and true life purpose. In less than an hour.

Why did I write this book? Because I have a desire to inspire. A strong desire to help others improve their life. Through wisdom and truth. Sprinkled with a little humor. Having achieved a level of enlightenment (and humility) I desire to inspire, to help others improve their life ... FAST. I have done this throughout my adult life. I have written over 20 self-improvement books that help people improve their lives quickly and dramatically. 

Finding your life purpose can help you

  • gain enlightenment

  • feel better, do better, be better

  • focus your life

  • improve an existing career

  • find a new and better career

  • determine compatibility - career, dating, marriage, business partnerships, friendships

  • have fewer problems and make fewer mistakes

  • reduce fear, stress, anxiety, worry

  • have more confidence

  • make a real difference

  • gain genuine long-term happiness
    and personal/professional fulfillment

an excerpt from the book:

"there are certain key components which determine a person's life purpose. These are unique to each person.

As you go through the book, these key components (which are unique to you) will be uncovered and united to reveal your unique and special life purpose.

As you go through the book, your own unique and special life purpose will be revealed to you, not in days or weeks or months, but in less than an hour.

The book is not an "aptitude" test or a career test. In fact, it is not really a "test" at all (there are not a lot of questions). This book is unique and uses my own unique process to reveal YOUR unique purpose in life. The process took over 10 years to develop!

Don't worry, it's an easy-to-do process. And very interesting and involving. With this book you can avoid the frustration and difficulty of trying to find your own life purpose yourself. Discovering one's life purpose is no longer an elusive (and often unsuccessful) quest. With the book's breakthrough process, uncovering your own unique and special life purpose is now simple, it's easy and it's fast.

The knowledge, insight and enlightenment derived from clearly knowing your own life purpose is not only valuable, it's priceless!"

Your life purpose will fit you perfectly. It will be exciting and inspiring. And, with this book, you can find YOUR life purpose. In less than an hour. 

The book is available on amazon. It's $14.95. Is your life worth $14.95? YES! Get the book. Get the book now. Then find your life purpose. Know your life purpose. In less than an hour.

Finding your true purpose in life is truly priceless

About the author

Andrew Lawrence is the author of more than 20 inspirational personal improvement books that can improve your life, that can make you smarter and happier ... fast. His books are short, easy to read and easy to understand. And full of wisdom and truth. Originally from New York, he now fulfills his life purpose, happily and productively, from warm and sunny and trendy Los Angeles. 

He is a Life Improver. He is also a Life Purpose Advisor and life improvement guru.

His books are available at

Visit his amazing author website, which includes free excerpts.

direct email contact: andls (at)

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Famous Quotes
"Everyone has a purpose in life ... a unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals." - Deepak Chopra

"Know thyself" - Socrates

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." - Aristotle

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” - Carl Jung

"Find your life purpose. Know it. Live it." - Andrew Lawrence

Find Your Life Purpose
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"Find Your Life Purpose
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